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English - Who would like to swap?

Our offer: Holiday apartment in Spain, right at the sea front

View from balcony - no zoom used.! No road !

We are looking for:  the use of a holiday cottage, apartment, trailer whatever, anywhere nice in Europe. Be it mountain, lake or seafront or even City

We have one condition: our (well behaved) dog will want to come!

Rasmus came to us from a dog shelter.

Though he is fairly big, he is well behaved and houseclean. He will only sleep or rest on the floor, never on the furniture.
He shall bring his own blankets and dishes and Master or Mistress will remove his droppings right away. 


Full private property, no timesharing!

Duration of exchange need not be 1:1, this could mean: we come for 10 days, you may use our apartment for 3 weeks. There is no need to exchange simultaneously. If in doubt: send us an email!

Want to know more about the location, the apartment or contact us ? Click the keyword.

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